Apr 7, 2011

Looking ahead...

Contrary to my last post, on the bright side, the Leafs look very promising next year.  All Burke’s gotta do is re-sign MacArthur, Schenn, and Grabovski and sign a top six centre on free agent day (crossing my fingers for Brad Richards).  There isn’t a lot of depth on the team yet but I see a possible eighth place finish and maybe a chance to take the first round in the playoffs next season.

We also have a few young players from the Leafs' farm system:  Kadri, Aulie, Crabb, and Boyce are all promising players for a permanent spot on the roster next year. 

And lets not forget James Reimer, a.k.a. “Optimus Reim”.  I think he will be the one to revive this team and the key to their rebuild.  Since Wilson announced that Reimer will be our starter, he has made saves no goalie after Curtis Joseph or Ed Belfour has ever made before.  His vision between traffic in front of the net is crystal clear and he has an amazing ability to eliminate any chances for a rebound.


So for the forty-fourth year in a row, “There’s always next year”.  But at least this gives Leafs Nation a little room to breathe knowing that the Leafs finished strong in the second half of the regular season with a net-minder everyone can feel confident with.  

We made it through and supported the boys during their eight game losing streak and survived the frustration of “when will this streak ever end?” Us blue and white fans can withstand anything.

The countdown to the Leafs’ 2011-2012 regular season home opener begins now, Go Leafs Go!

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